Badawi Pillows.

Design: Helmut Scheufele.

Fine furnishings for relaxing in your very own lounge area. In the tradition of oriental seating culture, these floor cushions filled with pure cotton are made from our hand-knotted carpets. They are available measuring 100 x 100cm, and 200 x 100cm.

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In oriental cultures from time immemorial, people have been seated close to the floor for a good reason: pillows are soft, adjust to the body’s shape and lend a unique feel-good atmosphere. Nomadic peoples tend to use carpets and pillows not only as products to sit on but also as items to rest their weary heads on.

The underside of the floor cushion is covered with fabric, while the various motifs from our Legends of Carpets collection form the top of this Badawi Pillow.

They do exist – objects that lend a place character and literally create new space. Furnishings that suit your personal lifestyle perfectly. Unique and unusual, clearly hinting at tradition, indicators of knowledge and culture. Walter K. Badawi Pillows shape such places turning them into individual settings for utmost individuality. Ideal to snuggle in, read or simply relax according to one’s expression of lifestyle.

If you are into playful interior design, you can use Walter K. Badawi Pillows to create cozy lounge areas. Position the roll of saddle leather under the pillow and you'll have an inviting daybed for relaxing naps or leisurely reading sessions.


Learn more about the story behind Legends of Carpets.

Walter K. carpets have been developed in collaboration with fabric designer Helmut Scheufele and are inspired by the landscapes and colors of Africa. The collection draws its strength from the creativity of the continent Africa which materializes into timeless, woven works of art.